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Thursday, June 28, 2012



Credit title as shown in the film
Year of release: 1955 (30 October)
Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes (appx.)


AMRAN, a poor trishaw puller, was booked by Azizah, Orangkaya Marzuki’s daughter, after an incident where Amran helped Azizah from being disturbed by Ghazali (a playboy who was under police watch list) together with his good friend, Borhan.

Orangkaya Marzuki who was stingy, initially disagreed especially when he had to pay rental fixed by Azizah at 40 ringgit but in order to please his only daughter, he gave in and agreed with the rate but only for that month. “Next month we negotiate a new rate”, he said.

Due to his stinginess, Orangkaya Marzuki had a heated argument with a trishaw puller because he wanted to go to Kampung Besi which was far for a small payment of 25 cents whereas the trishaw puller asked for 40 cents - considered a reasonable rate.

The trishaw puller insinuated Orangkaya Marzuki for his stinginess by saying “It would be better for you to walk because it would cost nothing. If not, I give you 30 cents, 5 cents more. I take the seat and you pull the trishaw. Do you agree?”

That insinuating remark inflamed Orangkaya Marzuki’s anger and wanted to hit the trishaw puller with his walking stick but failed and it was thrown into the middle of the road.

The trishaw puller added, “Eh, you stingy fellow. It is easier if you hit the telephone pillar. I am alive, I can fight back.”

When Orangkaya Marzuki wanted to get his walking stick back, a car suddenly hit him and coincidentally it was driven by Ghazali who used to disturb Azizah.

When Ghazali knew that Amran, whose trishaw was booked by Azizah, he tried to scold and insult Amran with harsh words.

When Ghazali invited Azizah to ride in his car to the tailoring school, she said, “I hate you Ghazali. I don’t like you to insult poor people. Just remember, you don’t have the right to scold him.” “Now I have a right. Isn’t it that your father had entrusted you on me?” Ghazali replied. Azizah insinuated,”Ah, you are just overdoing.”

Being a good pretender, Ghazali was able to win over Orangkaya Marzuki and this opportunity was used by Ghazali to split Azizah from Amran. Amran’s relationship with Azizah grew closer. At a meeting by the beach, Azizah confided to Amran, “Amran, do you know where is life’s happiness located?”.

Amran replied,”Actually, you are the one who should know it, Azizah. People like me will not know where happiness lies in life.” “The reason?” Azizah asked. Amran replied,” I’m just a trishaw puller earning a living on people. My life is no different from the wandering animal. Not like you, you live in total luxury”.

Then Azizah said,” Don’t misunderstand Amran, rich or poor, we are all the same. People’s wealth is the world’s filth. Remember Amran, every human being should have a right to happiness.” Azizah told Amran that she would like to meet his mother. Initially Amran was reluctant but on Azizah’s insistance, he brought her to his mother.

Azizah was greatly surprised at the terrible condition in Amran’s home and immediately requested Amran to go to a night school at her expense. Ghazali’s arrogant attitude added to Azizah’s dislike towards him but she could not do anything because Orangkaya Marzuki liked him.

Because of Ghazali’s slander towards Azizah and Amran, Orangkaya Marzuki believed him thus stopping Azizah from continuously riding Amran’s trishaw. To prevent Azizah from continuously meeting Amran, Ghazali proposed to Orangkaya Marzuki that Azizah be married to him and it was agreed by Orangkaya Marzuki because he thought that Ghazali was from a rich and noble family background.

Azizah disagreed and fled from the house and went to Amran’s old house. Ghazali knew where Azizah was heading to and followed her. On arrival at Amran’s old house, a fight broke out between Amran and Ggazali when the knife thrown by Ghazali towards Amran was stuck into Amran’s mother’s body as she tried to defend her son.

Being frightened at his mistake, Ghazali fled to meet Orangkaya Marzuki and asked him to give him 10,000.00 ringgit for him to disappear. However, the stingy Orangkaya Marzuki refused and did not want to collaborate with Ghazali for what he had done to Amran and his mother.

When Orangkaya Marzuki refused to help, Ghazali snatched a dagger hanging from the wall and threatened to kill Orangkaya Marzuki who had to open his safety box and gave him the 10,000.00 ringgit but Ghazali took all the money found in the safety box.

However, as Ghazali was leaving the house, Amran and Azizah arrived. Another fight broke out where Ghazali was finally defeated while Amran fainted. Then only Orangkaya Marzuki was aware of his mistakes and regretted for his attitude of humiliating Amran and his poor mother.

While at Amran’s house he said,”All this while I thought that anything that shines is diamond. Now I have made a mistake, I even mistook glass for diamond.” To pay back all his mistakes towards Amran and his mother, and being grateful to Amran, Orangkaya Marzuki told of his readiness to take Amran as his son-in-law to take care of his wealth and also his daughter - Azizah.

As Amran and Azizah sat beside him, Orangkaya Marzuki said again,” Later, both of you will be married on an auspicious day”.

P.Ramlee as Amran

Sa'adiah as Azizah

Salleh Kamil as Ghazali

P.Ramlee, Sa'adiah and Salleh Kamil

Kemat Hassan, Omar Suwita and Salleh Kamil

Sa'amah and P.Ramlee

Habsah, P.Ramlee, Sa'adiah and Udo Umar


(Sumber: Sha3818)


Even though this was first film P.RAMLEE directed, it cannot be treated as an experiment by the director. If we look and study carefully, the film’s quality was as if it was produced by an experienced director.

Most probably, this happened because P.RAMLEE was involved in the film world for seven years and was guided by B.S. Rajhans in all kinds of film job such as looking after continuity, clap stick, and handling the camera.

His experiences in acting under B.S.Rajhans, L.Krishnan, S.Ramanathan, K.M.Basker and B.N.Rau (Rao), and as assistant director to S. Ramanathan in film “Juwita” and “Ibu” enabled P.RAMLEE to produce this film towards perfection beyond expectation.

With the birth of this film, P.RAMLEE had distanced from the influence of Hindustani and Tamil films often found in Malay films. It can be said that it had become the barrier towards the two influences from creeping into Malay films, though not totally. This can be seen where after this film, many MFP films had become more Malay centred when Jamil Sulong, Omar Rojik and S.Kadarisman were given the opportunity to be directors.

However, P.RAMLEE could not run away from copying some film scenes in which he himself acted. The most clear was when P. RAMLEE was with Sa’amah (as his mother) in an old house. It was taken from the film “Miskin”. Another scene was the quarrel between P.RAMLEE and Salleh Kamil for fighting over Sa’adiah. This was found in “Putus Harapan” where the only thing not there was, Sa’adiah but Rokiah, a trishaw and a car.

In this film, it seems that P.RAMLEE was not able to portray a more demanding role as in “Panggilan Pulau” or “Merana”. Maybe this happened due to his role as a trishaw puller (Amran) who was a gentleman, patient and giving in made his act as he did.

From the beginning until the end, P.RAMLEE’s face looked unhappy in torn old clothes. He was seldom seen laughing. Since his role was like that he could not do better than that. Amran not only gained sympathy from Azizah but also from the audience. P.RAMLEE played his role moderately but convincing.


As the first film directed by P.RAMLEE, it was a success beyond expectation. The issue arising from it is a common occurrence in our society (the Malays) where the rich people look down upon the poor people.

The story plot was consistent, without sub-plot. If there was any, it was when Udo Umar (Orangkaya Marzuki) quarreled with Azizah and the argument between Muhammad Hamid (trishaw puller) and Udo Umar regarding the trishaw fare going to Kampong Besi. Muhammad Hamid charged one ringgit 40 cents, the stingy Udo Umar was only willing to pay 25 cents.

P.RAMLEE was considered successful in choosing actors and actresses. Sa’adiah who was still developing her popularity after starring in “Kerana Kau”, “Iman”, “Kechewa”, “Jasa” and “Insan” suddenly peaked her name after acting in this film and became a strong contender to other popular actresses such as Siput Sarawak, Mariam, Rosnani, Normadiah and Latifah Omar. Her role as Azizah was very convincing.

Salleh Kamil, was also good. In fact Salleh Kamil had acted in many MFP films such as “Istana Impian”, “Siapa Salah?”, “Panggilan Pulau" and “Roh Membela” but was not that impressive. As Ghazali (he hated Amran for saving Azizah from being disturbed) he slandered by informing Orangkaya Marzuki that Azizah was in love with Amran and furthermore, he intended to marry Azizah so that he could control Orangkaya Marzuki’s wealth. Salleh Kamil succeeded in making viewers hate him.

Even though this was his second appearance in a film, Udo Umar (as Orangkaya Marzuki) was also quite good. His only weakness was in his dialogues, just like Osman Gumanti.

The photography techniques managed by R.C.Purushotham was good while the introductory music following the credit line, the emerging SB logo (the music score by P. RAMLEE) was very interesting and had the initial feeling of the film’s grandness.

On the whole, this film was successful and can be considered as one of the best films directed by P.RAMLEE competing with “Semerah Padi”, “Antara Dua Darjat” and “Ibu Mertua Ku”.


* Best Film
* Best Director (P.RAMLEE)
* Best Acress (Sa’adiah)
* Best Supporting Actor (Salleh Kamil)
* Best Song ("Inang Baru", composer & arranger by P.RAMLEE)
* Sponsored by Utusan Film & Sport, Singapore (1955).
* In the selection of Best Actor award, P. RAMLEE who starred in this film lost to S. Roomai Noor who acted in “Kaseh Menumpang” directed by L. Krishnan.
* It is quite interesting that Best Film (“Penarek Becha”) defeated “Kaseh Menumpang”(L.Krishnan) , “Kipas Hikmat” (S.Ramanathan) and “Merana” (B.N.Rao). Previously, P.RAMLEE had acted under the three directors.

"Azizah" sung by P. Ramlee

"Engkau Laksana Bulan" sung by P. Ramlee

"Inang Baru" sung by Saloma

"Dengarlah Sang Ombak Berdesir" sung by Momo & P. Ramlee


There were only 4 songs in this film which were all liked by the listeners:
1. "Inang Baru" (Saloma)
2. "Dengarlah Sang Ombak Berdesir" (P.RAMLEE & Momo)
3. "Engkau laksana Bulan" (P.RAMLEE)
4. "Azizah" (P.RAMLEE)
* Composer & arranger: P.RAMLEE
* Lyrics: Jamil Sulong
* Accompanying music: Fred Libio & Lionel B.Ventura
* "Inang Baru" was a traditional (Asli) Malay song, the most popular song
* Azizah was the first song P. RAMLEE recorded. Even so, its rhythms and lyrics were slightly improvised.


There were two versions as to why P.RAMLEE became a director. Firstly, it was the lobby by Norizan, then P. RAMLEE’s wife. Norizan very strongly convinced Run Run Shaw that P.RAMLEE could become a director if given the opportunity.

This was told personally by Norizan in a column (magazine) "Bintang Bertemu Bintang" (Star Meets Star, UFF 1976) together with M.Shahdan.

She said, “Maybe not many people know that P.RAMLEE’s desire to be a director at MFP studio, Singapore was realised through “Penarek Becha” due to my efforts. When I was married to the Sultan, I was on good terms with Run Run Shaw, and on my request, he agreed to appoint the deceased (P.RAMLEE) as director”.

Secondly, the staff of MFP personally wrote to the MFP top management suggesting that P. RAMLEE be appointed as director.

Looking back at P. RAMLEE’s acting in films from “Chinta” to “Abu Hassan Penchuri”, it was difficult for Run Run Shaw to appoint P. RAMLEE as film director.

His acting was still weak while his work behind the scenes was not that excellent. The only thing was that P. RAMLEE had a very good (melodious) voice (singing), composing and arranging songs with charisma to attract people in droves to the cinemas. Run Run Shaw was not easily pressured.

Therefore, the argument that Norizan could be the determining factor for the MFP boss to accept P. RAMLEE as director was well founded.

“Chinta” started P. RAMLEE’s career as a film actor and “Penarek Becha” started his career as film director. P. RAMLEE was the second Malay to be appointed as director at MFP after Haji Mahadi’s failure to direct “Permata Di-Perlimbahan” which was starred by Maria Menado and Nordin Ahmad.

From the early days, the production of MFP films was monopolised by directors of Indian descent and it was not surprising that most Malay films were based on Tamil and Hindustani film.

When Run Run Shaw agreed to give P.RAMLEE the opportunity to direct a film, he was inundated by Chinese and Tamil films to be copied. During that time, the Malay films produced by MFP and directed by Indian and Filipino directors were based on Chinese, Hindustani, Indian, Japanese, Filipino and Western films.

However, P.RAMLEE could not get suitable stories from the films he viewed and told Run Run Shaw that he wanted to create his own story based on his inspiration from the films he had viwed (especially Chinese films brought into Singapore by the Shaw Brothers). Run Run Shaw agreed and so this film came into being.

Basically, this film was P.RAMLEE’s creation but it cannot be denied that he also copied from any Chinese, Indian or Japanese film based on the trishaw puller theme which at that time in Malaysia (Singapore) was diminishing in numbers. Futhermore, most of the trishaw pullers were of Chinese descent.

Some said, P.RAMLEE have been copying from the Japanese's filem "The Rickshaw Man" (Hiroshi Inagaki, 1943). But not exactly, the story is entirely different. If the film "Insan" (1955) directed by K.M.Basker and starring Omar Rojik, Siput Sarawak and Sa'adiah, it may be right.

Aziz Sattar told, the story of "Penarek Becha" written by P.RAMLEE, but it come from various films including Chinese, Hindustani, Tamil and Japanese.

Even though at the time of its screening this film not only attracted many P. RAMLEE’s fans who had multiplied in numbers, it also succeeded in binging about changes long awaited by the Malay film fans.

Looking from the story’s point, the photography and the rest, it was not inferior compared to the other films previously directed by directors of Indian and Filipino descents and it was not an overstatement to say that it had overcome them on most aspects.

This film was continuously screened at a cinema for 21 days (something which rarely happened to Malay films during that time) and this reflected the level of response it generated.

This film can be considered as the best MFP film and, even though it was P. RAMLEE’s first film, P. RAMLEE had shown his capability better than the more established and experienced directors.

It not only increased P. RAMLEE’s popularity but also Sa’adiah, Salleh Kamil and Udo Umar who were introduced in this film apart from being the pride of the Malays as a whole.

Even though P.RAMLEE (a Malay) was the director, the Tamil and Hindustani elements were still noticeable though much less now. This was because P. RAMLEE often acted under Indian directors like B.S.Rajhans, L.Krishnan, S.Ramanathan, B.N.Rao and K.M.Basker.

Even so, the dances which previously were based on Indian dances (the choreographer was Edith Castillo) but with the emergence of dances and song like "Inang Baru", it had shown the elements of original Malay dance. The "Inang Baru" dance was created by Habsah who also acted in this film.

As P. RAMLEE sang the song "Azizah", it was still with a Tamil environment and when he sang "Engkau Laksana Bulan" it was in a Hindustani environment.

Nevertheless, P.RAMLEE’s success became a strong motivator for the top MFP authorities (Shaw Brothers) to appoint a few more Malay directors such as Jamil Sulong ("Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup” 1959), Omar Rojik (“Sumpah Wanita” 1960), and S. Kadarisman (“Sri Andalas” 1966).

Another interesting thing, apart from getting wide publicity from the Malay newspapers and magazines, it also received coverage from the English magazine (Movie News) owned by Shaw Brothers Sinagpore edition.

Previously, this magazine never really bothered anything about the Malay films produced by the MFP.


* The first film directed by P.RAMLEE.
* The second film Udo Umar acted after “Hang Tuah”. However, this film was distributed earlier than “Hang Tuah”.
* The first film P.RAMLEE acted with Sa’adiah as hero and heroine. Previously they acted but not as hero and heroine in “Juwita”, “Anjoran Nasib” and “Sedarah”.
* It was written in the Malaysian film history where P.RAMLEE acted as a hero to two sisters, Mariam and Sa’adiah. Mariam in (“Anjoran Nasib” and “Abu Hassan Penchuri”) and Sa’adiah in (this film, “Penarek Becha”, “Semerah Padi”, “Sergeant Hassan”, “Musang Berjanggut” and “Antara Dua Darjat”)
* Initially P. RAMLEE wanted to take Daeng Idris to play the role of Orangkaya Marzuki but, because of certain reasons, P.RAMLEE had to take Udo Umar as replacement. However, in his second directed film (“Semerah Padi”), P.RAMLEE succeeded in getting Daeng Idris with the role of Penghulu Semerah Padi with Sa’adiah playing the role of his daughter, Dara.
* While acting in this film she was pregnant. Who was the child she conceived? The truth was, it was not Ogy Ahmad Daud because she was married to the first husband and not yet married to Ahmad Daud.
* Runme Shaw was the producer for P.RAMLEE’s first film, followed by Run Run Shaw for his second film, “Semerah Padi” and Vee Meng Shaw for “Labu Dan Labi”.
* Saloma was the first singer to sing ("Inang Baru") in the film directed by P. RAMLEE, followed by Momo (second singer) who sang a duet with P.RAMLEE singing "Dengarlah Sang Ombak Berdesir".
* Ali Fiji was a stand in for P.RAMLEE.
* Almost all actors and actresses no more with us - P.RAMLEE, Sa'adiah, Salleh Kamil, Udo Umar, Sa'amah, Habsah, Ahmad C., Zainon Fiji, Kemat Hassan and Shariff Dol.

From Anwardi Jamil's Blog
(Anak Wayang, 28 August 2008)

In the recent National Congress on the Entertainment Industry held in Johor Bahru, I had the opportunity to sit in on award winning filmmaker, Adman Salleh’s, presentation.

He began by talking about P.RAMLEE’s first movie "Penarek Becha" made in 1955.

In his paper, he mentioned that the movie was based on and influenced by Lao She’s epic novel "Rickshaw Boy" and that P.RAMLEE was asked to do a Malay version of the novel because MFP’s Chinese management had an underlying agenda of promoting the socialist ideas inherent in the novel.

When I heard this I am a little bewildered because I heard a different version of the story. So, to clear my dusty memory, I asked my father again, what had inspired P.RAMLEE to do "Penarek Becha" as his first movie – was it the management’s desire to translate Lao She’s epic into a Malay movie or was there something else.

I have never read Lao She’s full novel – just excerpts, reviews and criticism. And as far as I know, the story portrayed in that novel is quite different from "Penarek Becha" the movie. That is why I had a hard time to believe that P.RAMLEE was inspired or even read the novel by Lao She.

I am not sure, but somehow I also heard Adman saying that P.RAMLEE watched a movie based Lao She’s novel. That again didn’t ring true.

Lao She’s novel was never made into a movie except in 1982 which was subsequently banned by China’s censors until recently. The movie was immediately considered a classic and a masterpiece – but it was made in 1982. "Penarek Becha" was made in 1956. So that was out of the question.

Now, there was a movie called "The Rickshaw Man" made in 1943. But this was a Japanese movie directed by Hiroshi Inagaki and was remade by the same director in 1958 starring Toshiro Mifune. As far as I know, this movie was not inspired by Lao She’s novel as the storyline and conflicts within the story is vastly different.

The movie (original title "Muhomatsu No Issho") had a more familiar storyline to P.RAMLEE’s "Penarek Becha".

So, I asked my father, what influenced P.RAMLEE – the Chinese novel or the Japanese movie. According to my father, during the Japanese occupation, P.RAMLEE was amongst the thousands of Malay youths in Penang to be educated (can’t use the word indoctrinated) in Japanese culture. During this period, P. RAMLEE viewed many Japanese movies that actually instilled his love for quality movies.

One of the movies that he watched was the 1943 movie "The Rickshaw Man" by Hiroshi Inagaki.

So, according to my father, when P.RAMLEE was asked to direct his first movie, P. RAMLEE went back to his past to find out which story was ideal as he had no original idea yet. He chose "The Rickshaw Man" as his template.

No one forced him to do anything. It was his choice and his decision to make a movie based on Hiroshi Inagaki’s "The Rickshaw Man".

So, Adman’s paper began on a factually inaccurate note. The truth is, "Penarek Becha" did not have a socialist agenda and was not based on Lao She’s novel.


the best film directed by tan sri p. ramlee.


berapa banyakkah yang masih ada?


lebih cantik dibandingkan marilyn monroe.


apabila lagu-lagunya diorkestrakan.


pergi dan hilangnya bersama angin.


anak malaysia pertama jadi produser filem.

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Teks: Mustafar A.R.
Foto: Dari Pelbagai Sumber
Di Edit Di Semak & Di Susun: Zaini Yusop

Uji Rashid (Salina) dan Sonny Abdullah (Iskandar) ketika penggambaran dilakukan di Singapura.

Sa'adiah, Ahmad Daud, Fauziah A. Daud (seperti tercatat di credit title) dan Norashigim di Port Dickson.

Uji Rashid dan Norzie Nani (Rohani).

Uji Rashid berdoa supaya umurnya dipanjangkan sedikit.

Sonny Abdullah dan Norzie Nani.

Kerana Salina, Iskandar dan Idham bergaduh.

Ahmad Tarmimi Sarigar (Romo) dan Uji Rashid (Julia).

Norzie Nani, Norizan, Ahmad Daud, Sa'adiah dan Uji Rashid.

Piringhitam EP yang mengandungi dua lagu terdapat dalam "Permintaan Terakhir".

Atas: Pengarah dan produser "Permintaan Terakhir", Jamil Sulong dan Runme Shaw. Bawah: Pengarah dan produser "Susanna," Ho Meng Hua dan Run Run Shaw.

Ahmad Daud sedang bergurau dengan Syed Omar (kiri) dan saya (disebelahnya) yang turut disertai oleh Sa'adiah (kanan), Fauziah Ahmad Daud dan Norashigim. Gambar bernostalgia ini (jurugambar: Mokhtar Harun) dirakamkan di Port Dickson pada 26 Ogos 1974.

Peristiwa 26 Ogos 1974: Tarikh bermulanya penggambaran "Permintaan Terakhir" di Port Dickson. Turut kelihatan (anda carilah sendiri) Jamil Sulong, Sa'adiah, Ahmad Daud, Uji Rashid, Norzie Nani, Fauziah Ahmad Daud, Norashigim, H.M.S. Sutan, A.V. Bapat dan saya sendiri, Mustafar A.R.

Klip video "Cintaku Cintamu" nyanyian Sharifah Aini.
(Sumber: Njendra)

Klip video "Cintaku Cintamu" nyanyian Uji Rashid.
(Sumber: Zamdeka)

Definisi TRIVIA (lebih kurang): Koleksi fakta dan angka yang remeh temeh tetapi menarik. Maklumat atau informasi lebih menyeluruh dan lebih terperinci.

Sebagai memenuhi cadangan yang dikemukakan oleh peminat Filem Klasik FK) yang menggunakan nama Nonama, saya mulakan dulu dengan trivia filem 'tear jerker' "Permintaan Terakhir" (1975) keluaran Merdeka Film Productions dan diarahkan oleh Jamil Sulong.

Banyak perkara menarik terdapat dalam "Permintaan Terakhir" ini, dan saya yakin bukan saja ramai peminat filem Melayu tidak tahu, malah Uji Rashid, Norzie Nani, Sonny Abdullah, Yusof Haslam termasuk Jamil Sulong sebagai pengarah pun, banyak yang mereka tidak tahu.

Filem ini, pertama kali saya menontonnya, di Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) Theatre, pada 14 Disember 1974 sempena Festival Filem Asean Ke-4 di Jakarta, Indonesia.

Sebelum itu, kita ikuti dulu sedikit komen pengarah Jamil Sulong mengenai filem tersebut yang tersiar dalam majalah Utusan Filem & Fesyen (UFF) keluaran bulan September 1974.


Katanya: "Satu zaman baru akan ditempuh oleh dunia filem Malaysia bila satu langkah positif telah diambil untuk memajukannya.

"Langkah positif untuk meletakkan filem keluaran tempatan ke puncak yang lebih tinggi itu telah diambil oleh Merdeka Film Productions dengan menyelenggarakan filem berwarnawarni, berbidang luas dan mempunyai peruntukan $400,000.00.

"Filem ini diberi jodol "Permintaan Terakhir" yang bercorak human drama mengenai pergolakan hidup dalam masyarakat kontemporari.

"Saya telah diberi tanggungjawabjawab untuk mengarahkannya, dan ia saya terima dengan perasaan gembira tetapi bercampur takut."

Berikutan itu, sesudah "Permintaan Terakhir", lahirlah filem "Jiwa Remaja", "Semalam Di Malaysia", "Sayang Anakku Sayang", "Cinta Dan Lagu", "Loceng Maut" dan "Adik Manja".

Klip video "Susanna".
(Sumber: DurianDave)

Klip video nyanyian Li (Lee) Ching.
(Sumber: Ohsebo)

Klip video "Dark Victory"
(Sumber: Jjsjms2137)


  • Penggambaran "Permintaan Terakhir" bermula di Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan pada 26 Ogos 1974 (esoknya, umur saya genap 31 tahun) yang melibatkan Uji Rashid, Sa'adiah, Ahmad Daud, Ogy Ahmad Daud (Fauziah A. Daud, seperti yang tercatat di credit title) dan Norashigim.
  • Adegan ketika Uji Rashid berlari di tepi pantai (adegan pembukaan atau credit title) digambarkan di depan Kem Tentera Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.
  • Drama pentas (Yusof Haslam sebagai pengarah drama) merupakan cerita William Shakespeare "Romeo And Juliet" (diubah jadi "Romo Dan Julia") dan digambarkan di panggung wayang Ampang Park, Kuala Lumpur. Turut berlakon dalam drama tersebut kemudian menjadi popular, Zulkifli Zain, Ahmad Tarmimi Sarigar dan Hail Amir.
  • "Permintaan Terakhir" dipadankan dari filem Shaw Brothers Hong Kong, "Susanna" (1967), yang diarahkan oleh Ho Meng Hua dan dibintangi oleh Li Ching (Chiang Lee), Allyson Chang Yen, Diana Chang Chung We, Kwan Shan dan Ho Fan.
  • Lima watak utama "Permintaan Terakhir" dipegang oleh Uji Rashid (Li Ching, dalam "Susanna"), Norzie Nani (Allyson Chang Yen), Sa'adiah (Diana Chang Chung We), Ahmad Daud (Kwan Shan) dan Sonny Abdullah (Ho Fan).
  • Peranan Iskandar pada mulanya bukan untuk Sonny Abdullah tetapi telah diserahkan kepada pelakon bakat baru namanya Syed Agil, dan telah pun melakukan shooting satu adegan. Bagaimanapun, kerana sesuatu sebab, peranan Syed Agil dibatalkan dan kemudian digantikan dengan Sonny Abdullah.
  • Secara kebetulan pula, peranan Salina (kanak-kanak dan dewasa) dipegang oleh pelakon yang namanya sama FAUZIAH - Fauziah Ahmad Daud dan Fauziah Harun Al-Rashid .
  • Penyakit yang dialami oleh Salina (Uji Rashid) dalam "Permintaan Terakhir", barah otak, sama seperti yang dialami oleh Li Ching dalam "Susanna".
  • Sungguhpun pernah berlakon (pelakon tambahan) di Merdeka Film Productions dalam "Bukan Salah Ibu Mengandong" yang diarahkan oleh Jins Shamsudin, namun bolehlah dianggap "Permintaan Terakhir" merupakan filem pertama Uji Rashid.
  • Uji Rashid sebelum diserahkan watak utama "Permintaan Terakhir" bertugas sebagai penari Kumpulan Budaya Negara Kementerian Kebudayaan Belia dan Sukan.
  • Sebelum berlakon dalam "Permintaan Terakhir" Norzie Nani (filem pertamanya), ketika itu, bertugas sebagai Penyambut Tetamu (PRO) di pejabat MIDA, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Yusof Haslam, pernah berlakon dalam beberapa filem (pelakon tambahan) di Merdeka Filem Productions, bekerja sebagai kondukter bas dengan syarikat bas Sri Jaya, sebelum membintangi "Permintaan Terakhir".
  • Watak utama "Susanna" (Li Ching) bernama Susanna, watak utama "Permintaan Terakhir" pula bernama Salina (Uji Rashid). Norzie Nani (Rohani), Sonny Abdullah (Iskandar) dan Yusof Haslam (Idham).
  • Filem pertama arahan Jamil Sulong selepas berhenti bertugas dengan Filem Negara Malaysia (FNM). Jamil Sulong bersama FNM selama 6 tahun.
  • "Susanna" telah memenangi anugerah Filem Terbaik dan anugerah istimewa pemberian Menteri Pelajaran Jepun di Festival Filem Asia-Pasifik Ke-14, di Tokyo pada tahun 1967.
  • Ini kali ke-5 Shaw Brothers Hong Kong memenangi anugerah Filem Terbaik di Festival Filem Asia-Pasifik selepas "Back Door", "The Kingdom And The Beauty", "The Grand Substitution" dan "The Blue And The Black".
  • "Permintaan Terakhir" diciplak dari "Susanna", "Susanna" pula diciplak dari filem "Dark Victory" (1939) bukannya "Love Story" sebagaimana yang seringkali diperkatakan. Lagi pun tidak mungkin kerana, "Susanna" dikeluarkan pada tahun 1967 sedangkan "Love Story" pada tahun 1970. Jamil Sulong juga menyangka, "Susanna" ciplakan "Love Story".
  • Chi Tsou (penulis cerita), tidak menggunakan keseluruhan cerita "Dark Victory" atau remakenya "Stolen Hour" (1963) tetapi diadunkannya dengan sumber-sumber lain yang mana cerita "Susanna" tidak sama dengan "Dark Victory", namun unsur-unsur persamaan itu tetap ada.
  • "Permintaan Terakhir" bukannya genre 'love story' tetapi lebih condong ke genre 'drama trajidi' (melodrama).
  • "Dark Victory" yang diarahkan oleh Edmund Gouling dan dibintangi oleh Bette Davis, George Brent, Humphery Bogart, Geraldine Fitzgerald dan Ronald Reagan, telah dicalonkan merebut 3 anugerah oscar (1940) tetapi gagal memperolehi sebarang kemenangan apabila "Gone With The Wind" menyapu bersih boleh dikatakan semua oscar.
  • Tayangan Perdana "Permintaan Terakhir" telah diadakan di panggung wayang Rex, Singapura pada 27 Januari 1975 (jam 6.45 petang) dengan kehadiran Uji Rashid dan Norzie Nani di atas pentas.
    * Turut diedarkan, 100 keping EP (EMI) mengandungi lagu-lagu petikan "Permintaan Terakhir" dan "Rahsia Hatiku" kepada penonton-penonton.
    * Tayangan di panggung wayang Rex selama tiga hari saja. Ia kemudiannya dipindahkan ke panggung wayang State dan selepas itu ke panggung wayang Singapura (dulu dikenali dengan nama panggung wayang Taj).
  • Sepatutnya, "Permintaan Terakhir" dijadualkan tayangannya sempena menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha pada 4, 5 dan 6 Januari tetapi terpaksa ditunda kerana sesuatu sebab yang tidak dapat dielakkan.
  • "Susanna" mula ditayangkan di Hong Kong pada 16 Oktober 1967, dan mendapat kejayaan box-office. Mr. Naoki Togawa, ketua panel 10 orang juri Festival Filem Asia Ke-14 berpendapat, filem "Susanna" patut diberi anugerah Filem Terbaik kerana "pencapaian kesempurnaan yang tinggi".
  • Dalam Festival Filem Asean Ke-4 (1974) di Jakarta (berlangsung pada 12 hingga 16 Disember 1974), "Permintaan Terakhir" telah diiktiraf oleh para panel (penyelia) festival filem tersebut sebagai filem yang baik dari segi persembahan, cerita dan teknik.
  • Dalam Festival Filem Asean Ke-4 (1974) itu, hanya Jamil Sulong (pengarah), Uji Rashid dan Norzie Nani (pelakon) saja yang dihantar sebagai mewakili Malaysia, tidak ada Sa'adiah, Ahmad Daud, Sonny Abdullah dan Yusof Haslam.
  • Dalam Festival Filem Asia-Pasifik Ke-21, Jakarta (1975), "Permintaan Terakhir" memenangi anugerah Drama Trajidi Terbaik.
  • Agak menarik, "Permintaan Terakhir" menggunakan tagline hampir sama dengan filem "Love Story" arahan Arthur Hiller dan dibintangi oleh Ryan O'Neal dan Ali MacGraw.
    * Tagline "Love Story": Love means never having to you're sorry....."
    * Tagline "Permintaan Terakhir": "Maaf senang di katakan tapi....."
    dan dipanjangkan: "Berilah aku masa untuk hidup supaya dapat aku menyambut kelahiran adikku ke dunia ini....."
  • Sonny Abdullah ialah hero "Permintaan Terakhir" berheroinekan Uji Rashid. Inilah filemnya yang ke-5 selepas "Bumiputra" (hero), "Gadis Langkawi" (hero), "Lain Jalan Ka-Shorga" (pelakon pembantu) dan "Jangan Tinggal Daku" (pelakon pembantu).
  • "Permintaan Terakhir", filem kedua dibintangi oleh Sonny Abdullah dibawah arahan Jamil Sulong sesudah "Lain Jalan Ka-Shorga".
  • "Permintaan Terakhir", filem kedua arahan Jamil Sulong dalam bidang luas (ShawScope) dan berwarnawarni (color), selepas "Raja Bersiong" di Shaw's MFP, Singapura.
  • "Permintaan Terakhir" merupakan filem termahal ketika itu, menelan belanja $400,000.00.
  • Di peringkat awal pelakon yang berada difikiran Jamil Sulong untuk "Permintaan Terakhir", Sharifah Aini (peranan Uji Rashid), Rubiah Suparman (Norzie Nani), Ed Osmera (Sonny Abdullah) dan Hussain Abu Hassan (Yusof Haslam).
  • Sharifah Aini tidak terpilih berlakon tetapi menyanyikan dua lagu ciptaan Ahmad Nawab untuk filem tersebut, "Permintaan Terakhir" dan "Cintaku Cintamu".
  • Turut di screen test untuk peranan Salina, Teh Faridah yang kemudian berlakon dalam "Loceng Maut" bersama Omar Syariff dan Hussain Abu Hassan yang diarahkan oleh Nas Achnas.
  • Filem pertama dan terakhir lakonan Haji Mahadi di Merdeka Film Productions, yang pernah menjadi pengarah (anak Melayu pertama) di Shaw's MFP Jalan Ampas mengarahkan filem "Permata Di-Perlimbahan" yang dibintangi oleh Maria Menado dan Noordin Ahmad.
  • Sebelum Jamil Sulong menukar tajuknya ke "Permintaan Terakhir", filem ini pada mulanya mahu menggunakan tajuk "Suzana" saja sama seperti filem Shaw Brothers Hong Kong itu, hanya ejaan saja berubah.
  • Filem kedua yang diarahkan oleh Jamil Sulong di Merdeka Film Productions selepas "Lain Jalan Ka-Shorga" yang turut dibintangi oleh Hamizon, Rosnani, Gaaz Sharif, Sonny Abdullah dan Noran Nordin.
  • Filem pertama Merdeka Film Productions dibuat dalam color dan berbidang luas (ShawScope), filem keduanya "Rahsia Hatiku" (sebagai percubaan) yang diarahkan oleh Nas Achnas tetapi tidak berbidang luas.
  • Pengeluaran filem color dan berbidang luas bermula dengan "Permintaan Terakhir" mula bertiup kencang apabila Osman Abdullah, pegawai kanan Shaw Brothers di Singapura, membuat pengumuman dan disiarkan oleh beberapa akhbar (termasuk Berita Harian) pada 1 Disember 1973.
  • Dua lagu yang terdapat dalam filem ini, "Permintaan Terakhir" dan "Cintaku Cintamu", telah dipiringhitamkan (EMI-EP) oleh Sharifah Aini pada tahun 1974. Turut terkandung dalam piringhitam tersebut dua lagu filem "Rahsia Hatiku", "Kepulangan Ayah" dan "Rahsia Hatiku".
  • Senikata "Permintaan Terakhir" oleh Jamil Sulong dan "Cintaku Cintamu" oleh Sharifah Aini. Kedua lagu tersebut, nyanyian Sharifah Aini dan kedua-duanya ciptaan Ahmad Nawab.
  • "Permintaan Terakhir", merupakan kali kedua Ahmad Nawab mencipta musik dan lagu untuk filem arahan Jamil Sulong selepas "Lain Jalan Ka-Shorga".
  • Pencipta lagu "Permintaan Terakhir", Ahmad Nawab; "Susanna", Fu-ling Wang; dan "Dark Victory", Max Steiner.
  • "Permintaan Terakhir" mendapat tepukan gemuruh dan sorakan dari para penonton sebaik saja selesai ditayangkan di Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) Theatre di Festival Filem Asean Ke-4, Jakarta pada tahun 1974. Kebetulan pula saya berada di theatre tersebut.
  • "Permintaan Terakhir" telah diberi penghormatan ditayangkan di Auditorium Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur pada bulan Disember 1974, untuk ditonton (preview) oleh pegawai-pegawai Penerangan dan Angkasapuri. Turut hadir, Jamil Sulong dan Uji Rashid.
  • Empat pelakon utama yang membintangi "Permintaan Terakhir" telah meninggal dunia - Sa'adiah, Ahmad Daud, Haji Mahadi dan Norizan. Di belakang layar - Runme Shaw, Jantan Abu Bakar, A.V. Bapat dan H.M.S. Sutan.
  • Kebanyakan penggambaran dilakukan di luar studio. Antaranya, sekitar Kuala Lumpur seperti Taman Bunga, Panggung Anniversari, Tugu Negara, Panggung Wayang Ampang Park, Hotel Merlin (kini Hotel Concorde), Panggung Wayang Federal dan Sekolah Convent Bukit Nanas, pantai Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan dan di Singapura, depan Parliament House (Dewan Parlimen), Hotel Shangri-la, Taman Burung Jurong, Taman Orkid (Taman Bunga), Mount Faber dan Kolam Air MacRitchie.
  • Secara kebetulan, Fauziah Ahmad Daud (Ogy Ahmad Daud) bersekolah di Sekolah Convent Bukit Nanas, ketika penggambaran berapa adegan (terutama di awal filem) "Permintaan Terakhir" dilakukan.
  • Saya masih ingat lagi, saya bersama H.M.S. Sutan, Uji Rashid, Norzie Nani dan Syed Omar Al-Shahab (wartawan Utusan) menaiki kereta dari Kuala Lumpur ke pantai Port Dickson untuk menyaksikan penggambaran "Permintaan Terakhir". Ini merupakan satu penghormatan yang diberikan oleh H.M.S. Sutan (Merdeka Film Productions) kepada saya dan Syed Omar untuk bersama Uji Rashid dan Norzie Nani dihari pertama penggambaran filem tersebut dilakukan.
  • Pengarah dari Taiwan, Kuo-Hsiung Lin, telah dilantik sebagai penasihat teknik penggambaran "Permintaan Terakhir" yang dilaksanakan dalam bidang luas (ShawScope) dan color. Dia juga jurugambar filem "Susanna".
  • Dailog disusun oleh H.M.S. Sutan (pegawai penerangan Merdeka Film Productions) berdasarkan filem "Susanna", tetapi telah dirombak semula dengan melakukan banyak perubahan oleh Jamil Sulong, juga sebagai penulis lakonlayar.
  • Keseluruhan penggambaran "Permintaan Terakhir" mengambil masa 46 hari (selesai penggambaran 11 September 1974), dan dapat disiapkan keseluruhannya, bagi membolehkan ianya ditayangkan di Festival Filem Asean di Jakarta (14 Disember 1974), selama 4 bulan 18 hari (dari 26 Ogos hingga 14 Disember 1974).
  • Dubbing telah dilakukan di Merdeka Studio dan rakaman suara mendapat kerjasama Filem Negara Malaysia. Bagi memperkemaskan lagi termasuk memasukkan lagu latar ianya dihantar ke Hong Kong.
  • Filem "Susanna", pengarah Ho Meng Hua menghadapi banyak masalah menyebabkan dia mengambil masa setahun untuk menyelesaikannya, tetapi berbaloi kerana mendapat kejayaan box-office dan memenangi anugerah Filem Terbaik di Tokyo.
  • Runme Shaw meninggal dunia pada 2 Mac 1985, Ho Meng Hua pada 19 Mei 2009, manakala Run Run Shaw akan menyambut hari ulangtahunnya yang ke-105 pada 14 Oktober 2012 dan Jamil Sulong yang lahir pada 7 Ogos 1926 masih bersama kita tetapi dalam keuzuran.
  • Produser "Susanna", Run Run Shaw, manakala produser "Permintaan Terakhir" abangnya, Runme Shaw. Dua tokoh utama yang banyak jasa dan bertanggungjawab mengeluarkan filem-filem Melayu di Shaw's MFP, Jalan Ampas, Singapura.
  • Ketika membawa peranan Susanna (1967), Li Ching berusia 19 tahun (lahir pada 11 Ogos 1948), Uji Rashid membawa peranan Salina (1975) ketika umurnya 22 tahun (1 September 1953). Ertinya kini, Li Ching, 64 tahun dan Uji Rashid, 59 tahun.
  • "Susanna" tajuknya dalam bahasa Kantonis "Shan Shan", "Permintaan Terakhir" tajuknya dalam bahasa Inggeris "The Last Wish".
  • Antara begitu banyak vcd/dvd filem keluaran Shaw Brothers Hong Kong yang berada di pasaran, "Susanna" merupakan antara beberapa filem yang sukar diperolehi.
  • Tayangan "Susanna" mengambil masa (lebih kurang) 104 minit, manakala "Permintaan Terakhir" 95 minit.

  • Update akan dilakukan dari masa ke masa.



    berapa banyakkah yang masih ada?


    lebih cantik dibandingkan marilyn monroe.


    apabila lagu-lagunya diorkestrakan.


    pergi dan hilang bersama angin.


    anak malaysia pertama jadi produser filem.

  • Saturday, June 16, 2012


    Teks: Mustafar A.R. & Zaini Yusop
    Foto Dari Pelbagai Sumber
    Di Edit Di Semak & Di Susun: Zaini Yusop

    [>>> # UPDATE: 8 JANUARI 2014 <<<]


    Cecilia Cheung, Quintus and Lucas.

    By Heidi Hsia (Cinema Online)

    IT has been made official that Cecilia Cheung is now residing in Singapore with her children and has been doing so for the past two months.

    News of her Singapore residence was triggered by ex-husband Nicholas Tse back in December, when he revealed that the two of them have agreed to send Lucas and Quintus to a Singaporean school.

    Meanwhile, the actress was full of praises for the Singaporean education system, and said that both of her boys are excited to begin their schooling semester in late January.

    She revealed that the lack of paparazzi culture in the country is one of the reasons that made her stay, adding that she is able to live like a normal person, bare-faced and able to wear any clothes she likes, without the constant harassment of reporters and photographers.

    The actress has also been helping out a lot at a local volunteer organisation for the past three weeks, and added that she will go and help out three to four times a week when she doesn't have to fly back to Hong Kong.

    Cecilia also seemed to embrace the fact that the fans in the country respect her requests when asked not to upload photos they took of her online, saying, "Here in this country, people ask me first before taking my pictures. And they respect my requests to keep the photos to themselves."

    Tiga foto yang memperlihatkan kejelitaan Cecilia Cheung.


    PADA awal tahun 2008, Hong Kong menjadi gempar dan panas apabila foto-foto lucah Edison Chen meletup dan terdedah memperlihatkan betapa rendahnya moral beberapa orang pelakon dan penyanyi yang mana salah seorang antaranya cukup popular dan mempunyai ramai peminat.

    Kalau yang terlibat itu sekadar Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan dan Candice Chan yang belum ada nama dan kurang popular, mungkin ramai tidak ambil peduli. Itu perkara biasa, mungkin.

    Tetapi apabila Cecilia Cheung terbabit sama, bahangnya sudah agak lain. Apa sudah jadi, sehinggakan dia sanggup mengeksploitasi tubuh badannya (berbogel) di depan Edison untuk di klikkan kameranya.

    Bukan itu saja, aahh..... malas nak tulis. Selebriti Hollywood pun (maksud di sini sepopular Cecilia) tidak pernah saya lihat foto-foto mereka seperti apa yang dilakukan oleh Cecilia.

    Anda cari dan layari sendiri dalam internet. Kalau bernasib baik, terjumpalah yang panas berahi itu, mungkin anda geleng kepala dan tidak menyangka pelakunya, Cecilia.

    Apa lagi yang Cecilia mahu. Cantik, popular, kemewahan dan lain-lain asas kehidupannya sudah mencukupi, malah berlebihan pula.

    Apakah kecurangan dan menurut hawa nafsu merupakan kepuasan hidup bagi Cecilia? Tidak ada sesiapa pun yang boleh menjawabnya, hanya dia saja yang tahu.

    Skandal foto Edison mula tersebar secara meluas di internet pada awal tahun 2008. Ia boleh dianggap foto lucah selucah-lucahnya terutama yang memaparkan aksi berahi Cecilia yang mengiurkan.

    Ia juga telah menjadi hiasan semua muka depan akhbar dan majalah di Hong Kong selama beberapa minggu termasuk menjadi berita panas dan gempar dalam sektor perniagaan filem dan peminat filem di seluruh dunia.

    Ramai yang tidak percaya, Cecilia sanggup beraksi panas sebegitu rupa.

    Menurut siasatan polis, foto-foto itu tersebar luas di internet akibat kecuaian Edison, dia tidak berhati-hati di mana harus menghantar komputernya untuk dibaikpulih.

    Polis Hong Kong tidak mampu menahan penyebarannya sehinggakan mereka tepaksa meminta bantuan Polis Antarabangsa (Interpol).

    Pada 27 Februari 2008, 10 orang telah ditangkap atas tuduhan menyebarkan foto-foto yang boleh dianggap sebagai skandal seks paling besar pernah berlaku dalam sejarah filem dan hiburan di Hong Kong.

    Edison secara peribadi mengakui dia mengklik foto-foto tersebut bukan untuk diedarkan tetapi hanya sebagai simpanan peribadinya, bukan cara paksa tetapi atas kerelaan yang empunya diri.

    Ertinya, Cecilia, Gillian, Bobo dan Candice (watak-awatak utama) bersetuju diklik foto-foto mereka oleh Edison berbogel dan berbagai-bagai aksi dan gaya.

    Kata Edison, foto-foto itu dicuri dari komputer kepunyaannya dan penyiarannya dibuat secara haram dan tanpa keizinannya. "Kalau minta izin sekali pun saya tidak akan membenarkannya."

    Edison memohon maaf secara terbuka kepada mereka yang terbabit. Tidak pernah termimpi olehnya perkara tersebut boleh berlaku lebih-lebih lagi melibatkan Cecilia yang popular dan sudah mempunyai suami dan anak.

    Pada ketika itu juga, Edison mengumumkan yang dia akan mengundur diri dari dunia hiburan Hong Kong secara muktlak dan pulang ke tanah tempat lahirnya - Canada.

    Ada laporan lain menyatakan, foto-foto tersebut dicuri dari laptop Edison oleh tekniksyen yang membaikinya, dan salah satu sebab mengapa ia tersebar di internet kerana Cecilia berkahwin dengan Nicholas Tse.

    Ertinya, balas dendam. Sengaja mahu mengaibkan Cecilia dan suaminya, Nicholas. Ada cerita lain di belakang tabir.

    Menurut siasatan polis lagi, dalam bulan November 2006 Edison telah membeli PowerBook sebagai komputer peribadinya, dan di dalamnya banyak tersimpan foto lucah.

    Edison kemudian, secara cuai, telah menghantar komputernya itu untuk dibaikpulih, tanpa mengetahui risikonya.

    Tidak kurang 1,300 foto lucah Edison dengan wanita-wanita yang ramai diantaranya selebriti (termasuk pelakon dan penyanyi) telah disalin semula oleh pekerja-pekerja di kedai tempat komputernya itu diperbaiki.

    Foto-foto tersebut telah diklik oleh Edison antara tahun 2003 hingga 2006. Menurut seorang teman rapatnya, Edison memang suka mengklik foto ketika membuat perhubungan dengan wanita-wanita kenalannya, 14 antaranya selebriti.

    Edison juga pernah menunjukkan foto-foto lucah yang dikliknya itu kepada teman-teman yang rapat dengannya.

    Foto pertama, melibatkan Edison dan Gillian, telah di hantar kepada Hong Kong Discuss Forum lebih kurang jam 8.30 malam 27 Januari 2008.

    Sungguhpun foto-foto original telah dipadamkan, tetapi ada juga pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab menghantar kepada forum lain seperti Uwants dan HKGolden.

    Agensi tempat Gillian bernaung, Emperor Entertaiment Group (EEG), mencabar kesahihannya dan tidak berlengah lagi membuat lapuran polis.

    Pada 12.30 petang 29 Januari 2008, foto-foto Cecilia pula tersebar di internet, dan nota tercatat, ia menyerupai wajah Cecilia.

    Bagaimanapun, jam 6.00 petang foto-foto bogel pula muncul yang ternyata sah dia, Cecilia.

    Menurut polis, terdapat 465 foto yang melibatkan 7 selebriti. Daripada sejumlah itu 143 kepunyaan Cecilia; 116, Bobo; dan 104, Gillian.

    Selebihnya melibatkan Candice Chan (48), Mandy Chen (40), Rachel Ngan (13) dan Vincy Yeung (3).


    Cecilia Cheung telah membidas Edison Chen dan menuduhnya sebagai hipokrit. Katanya, mohon maaf Edison itu hanyalah lakonan semata-mata. Dia ingin mendapat simpati orangramai.

    Cecilia seterusnya memberitahu dalam satu bualbicara dengan iCable pada bulan Februari 2008, "Edison tidak pernah meminta maaf secara terbuka kepadanya.

    "Sepatutnya, dia berjumpa dengan mereka yang terlibat dan menyatakan kesilapan yang telah dilakukannya jika dia benar-benar mahu mengaku kesilapan.

    "Foto-foto tersebut masih tersebar luas di internet. Bagaimana kami boleh hidup selesa dan gembira? Bagaimana kami mahu hidup seperti sediakala?"

    Menjawab tuduhan Ceclia itu, Edison berkata: "Janganlah menyangka buruk kepada saya, apa yang telah berlaku. Apa yang saya harapkan dia memahami dan apa pun, samada hari ini atau suatu hari nanti, dia tetap akan memaafkan saya.

    "Dia juga patut merasakan yang saya juga menghadapi berbagai-bagai masaalah yang mana perkara serupa ini tidak pernah saya mimpikan akan berlaku. Saya tetap menghormati Cecilia."

    Tekniksyen, Sze Ho Chun, yang mencuri 1,300 foto lucah Edison, apabila dibicarakan, didapati bersalah, dan dihukum perjara 8 setengah bulan.

    Cecilia Cheung dibualbicara oleh wartawan tv iCable selepas tersebar foto-foto bogelnya di internet.

    Akhbar dan majalah yang bertimbun menceritakan mengenai skandal foto-foto lucah Cecilia Cheung dan Edison Chen.

    6 daripada 143 foto seksi Cecilia Cheung yang diklik oleh Edison Chen yang menggemparkan Hong Kong pada tahun 2008.
    (Sumber: Celebrity Shots)


    Cecilia Cheung dilahirkan di Hong Kong pada 4 Mei 1980. Ayahnya berbangsa Cina manakala ibunya kacukan Cina dan British.

    Kedua ibubapanya itu bercerai ketika Cecilia masih kecil dan semasa umurnya 14 tahun dia pergi ke Australia tinggal bersama pak ciknya.

    Pada tahun 1998, ketika membantu temannya mengenai dandanan rambut untuk pertunjukan fesyen, Cecilia telah menerima tawaran untuk muncul dalam satu iklan tv - Lemon Tea.

    Kemudian (1999), dia buat pertama kalinya membintangi filem Stephen Chow sebagai penyanyi kelab malam dalam "The King Of Comedy", dan disusuli pula filem "Fly Me To Polaris".

    Ditahun yang sama, Cecilia telah menerima ugutan rogol dan bunuh daripada satu kumpulan kongsi gelap kerana adanya perbalahan antara ayahnya (juga ahli kongsi gelap) dengan pihak yang membuat ancaman.

    Kerana filemnya "Fly Me To Polaris", membolehkan Cecilia memenangi anugerah Pendatang Baru Terbaik di Anugerah Filem Hong Kong Ke-19, dan ditahun yang sama juga, dia muncul sebagai penyanyi dengan melancarkan album sulongnya - "Any Weather".

    Pada tahun 2003, Cecilia memenangi anugerah Pelakon Wanita Terbaik di Anugerah Filem Hong Kong Ke-23 kerana peranannya sebagai wanita muda yang kehilangan tunang dalam kemalangan jalanraya menyebabkan dia terkapai-kapai mengharungi hidup dalam "Lost In Time" yang turut dibintangi Derek Yee, juga selaku pengarah.

    Selain filem "Lost In Time", di Anugerah Filem Hong Kong yang sama, Cecilia turut dicalonkan sebagai Pelakon Wanita Terbaik kerana filemnya "Running On Karma" yang diarahkan oleh Johnnie To dan Wai Kar Fai.

    Cecilia juga dikatakan membuat perhubungan dengan Daniel Chan dan Jordan Chan sebelum berkawan rapat dengan pelakon dan penyanyi Nicholas Tse, di awal-awal tahun 2002.

    Bagaimanapun, ia terputus apabila Nicholas kembali semula ke pangkuan bekas teman wanitanya - penyanyi dan pelakon Faye Wong.

    Tidak lama lepas itu tersebar khabar angin, Cecilia berkasih-kasihan pula dengan anak muda Siyun Lu, tetapi tidak kekal lama apabila ianya berakhir di penghujung tahun 2003.

    Cecilia dikatakan terlalu kecewa hingga menyebabkan dia tidak dapat mengawal pemakanannya selepas perpisahan tersebut, dan dalam pada itu dia juga membuat perhubungan dengan Joreon, yang dikatakan berasal dari Belanda.

    Cecilia dan Nicholas dilaporkan berkawan rapat semula di awal tahun 2006 dan pada 31 Julai tahun yang sama, Nicholas telah membuat pengakuan yang dia telah kembali bersama Cecilia dalam satu temuramah dengan stesyen radio Hong Kong - 881/903.

    Bulan September tahun 2007, Nicholas menunjukkan cincin perkahwinannya di Lapanganterbang Antarabangsa Hong Kong disamping membuat pengumuman yang dia dan Cecilia sudah pun berkahwin secara rahsia di Filipina.

    Pada 8 Junuari 2007, bapa mertuanya, Patrick Tse, membuat pengumuman secara terbuka yang Cecilia mengandung 3 bulan dan pada 2 Ogos tahun yang sama dia telah melahirkan anak lelaki yang kemudian diberinama Lucas.

    Tidak pun sampai 6 bulan (Januari dan Februari 2008) selepas melahirkan anak sulongnya itu, masyarakat Hong Kong dan dunia digemparkan dengan tersebarnya foto-foto Cecilia yang dianggap lucah selucah-lucahnya di internet yang turut melibatkan pelakon dan penyanyi muda yang mempunyai ramai peminat
    - Edison Chen.




    (Sumber: Scandal3Scandal3)


    Edison Chen yang dilahirkan pada 7 Oktober 1980 di Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada merupakan pelakon dan penyanyi Hong Kong. Ayahnya Edward Chen, ahli perniagaan, berdarah kacukan Cina dan Portugis.

    Edison mendapat pendidikan di R.C. Palmer Secondary School, Richmond, British Columbia, kemudian menyambung pelajarannya di Hong Kong International School.

    Pada tahun 1999, ketika usianya 19 tahun, Edison muncul dalam filem iklan. Bertolak dari situlah dia menempah kejayaan demi kejayaan.

    Kerjayanya dalam berlakon dimulakan dengan filem Jepun "Dead Or Alive 2: Birds", kemudian buat pertama kalinya dalam filem Hong Kong, "Gen Y Cops", pada tahun 2002.

    Edison juga berlakon dalam beberapa filem popular seperti "Infernal Affairs", "Infernal Affairs 2", "Initial D" dan "Dog Bite Dog". Dia juga berlakon dalam drama Jepun, "Under The Same Moon".

    Pada tahun 2000, Edison mendapat tawaran menyanyi dengan Emperor Entertaiment Group (EEG) dan beberapa album nyanyiannya mendapat sambutan yang agak baik, sebelum diberi peluang menerbitkan album hiphopnya pada bulan Februari 2004.

    Bertajuk "Please Steal This Album", rakamannya mendapat bantuan daripada M.C. Yan dan pemusik Singapura, Hanjin Chen.

    Pada bulan Februari tahun 2007, Edison melabur $10 juta HKD menubuhkan syarikat perniagaannya sendiri, Clot Media Division, bagi mengeluarkan filem cerita, filem iklan dan rakaman lagu.

    Pada bulan Jun 2007, Edison mengedarkan album Mandarinnya, "Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself," dengan traknya diusahakan bersama Kanye West, Just Blaze dan Clinton Spark.

    Mengikut senarai, antara banyak filem yang dibintanginya cuma satu filem saja dia berlakon bersama Cecilia - "Sex And The Beauties" pada tahun 2004.

    Pada tahun 2002, Edison telah dicalonkan merebut anugerah kategori Pendatang Baru Terbaik kerana filemnya "Gen Y Cops" di Anugerah Filem Hong Kong Ke-20, tetapi gagal apabila Qin Hai Lu memenanginya kerana "Durian Durian".


    FLY ME TO POLARIS (Sumber: Trannamcloud)






    LEGENDARY AMAZONS (Sumber: Han34Han34)






  • The Monkey King (2012)
  • The Lion Roars 2 (2012)
  • Dangerous Liaisons (2012)
  • Shadows Of Love (2012)
  • Speed Angels (2011)
  • Legendary Amazons (2011)
  • Treasure Hunt (2011)
  • All's Well, Ends Well 2011 (2011)
  • The 601st. Phone Call (2006)
  • My Kung Fu Sweetheart (2006)
  • The Shopaholics (2006)
  • The Promise (2005)
  • Himalaya Singh (2005)
  • The White Dragon (2004)
  • One Nite In Mongkok (2004)
  • PaPa Loves You (2004)
  • Sex And The Beauties (2004)
  • Fantasia (2004)
  • Lost In Time (2003)
  • Running On Karma (2003)
  • Cat And Mouse (2003)
  • Honesty (2003)
  • Love Under The Sun (2003)
  • Mighty Baby (2002)
  • Second Time Around (2002)
  • The Lion Roars (2002)
  • The Legend of Zu (2001)
  • Para Para Sakura (2001)
  • Shaolin Soccer (2001)
  • Failan (2001)
  • Everyday Is Valentine (2001)
  • Old Master Q 2001 (2001)
  • Wu Yen (2001)
  • Twelve Nights (2000)
  • Tokyo Raiders (2000)
  • Help!!! (2000)
  • The Legend Of Speed (1999)
  • Fly Me To Polaris (1999)
  • The King Of Comedy (1999)



    (Sumber: MyTrailerRich)

    (Sumber: MsApril419)

  • Cecilia Cheung dan Nicholas Tse bercerai pada 21 Jun 2011, tiga tahun selepas foto-foto bogelnya tersebar luas di internet. Cecilia dan Nicholas berkahwin secara rahsia di Filipina pada tahun 2006.
  • Cecilia dan Nicholas mempunyai dua orang anak lelaki - Lucas (2 Ogos 2007) dan Quintus (12 Mei 2010).
  • Selepas peristiwa foto-foto bogelnya tersebar pada 2008, Cecilia berhenti buat sementara daripada berlakon filem. Dia kembali pada tahun 2011 dengan filem "Treasure Hunt".
  • Dibandingkan Cecilia, dari segi umur Edison muda lima bulan. Cecilia lahir pada 4 Mei 1980 manakala Edison pada 7 Oktober 1980.
  • Skandal Edison-Cecilia mendapat perhatian dunia, dan antara media yang membuat lapuran CNN, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Economist, MSNBC dan The Guardian.

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    "ciumku lagi" dan "nona" membawa tuah.


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